Bob AndersonIn Memory of Robert Anderson PhD  (4 February 1942 to 5 December 2008)
Robert Anderson (Bob) was a Quaker, teacher, writer, a member of Amnesty International, a Theosophist, and supporter of peace movements and disarmament.  He believed in the right of everyone to have freedom of speech and religion. 
Bob was a Trustee of Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility New Zealand, a Charitable Trust (, and in retirement spent a decade working to meet the public's right to be independently informed on a range of subjects.  He was passionate about making this world a better place for the generations to come. 
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 Is there a connection?  Or are they mutually exclusive?
Every particle consists of all other particles – not in the static sense that each of them contains all others – but that they are not separate entities; they are inter-related energy patterns in organized dynamic processes involving one another. 
Mundaka Upanishad 111-1-7, 7th to 5th Centuries BC
In the earliest writings, the inter-relatedness, the connectedness of all things was taken as fact.  Thousands of years later, researchers have begun to accept this premise and find the early theories are scientifically tenable.  Many acknowledge that physics and metaphysics will combine.
David Bohm (1917-94) was a theoretical physicist and viewed the world through this re-emerging paradigm.  He challenged conventional understanding, combining a radical view of physics, a deep spiritual understanding, and a profound humanity to redefine physics.  Physics, he believed, was not about prediction and control, or mathematical equations; it was about nature and our understanding of it.  Bohm envisioned a world of interconnectedness and interdependence, of direct and instantaneous communication, and believed in a world that was meaningful, intelligent and spiritual.
CONNECTED offers research, philosophies, experiences, and much more.  These will not spell out answers, but may help amateur researchers add links to their chain of knowledge and arrive at their own conclusions.  

Our Universe is a sorry little affair, unless it has something for every age to investigate.  Nature does not reveal her mysteries once for all.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca, IcI. 4 BC to 65 AD.
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